Our mission


To provide proactive and personalized legal services, with a commitment to offering adequate and innovative solutions to our clients, in absolute respect of ethics and law principles with special attention to the highest standards of professional performance.

Service Philosophy


The service philosophy of DMAC is based on positioning our clients as top priority thus providing them with effective solutions.

DMAC service philosophy is based on:  Personalized attention to clients, Timely delivery guaranteed, Accessible at all time, Protection of client interest, Teamwork, Provision of continuous and detailed information, Transparency in all our procedures

What does DMAC mean?

Diligence: prompt response to client needs.

Motivation: encouragement and will to always provide excellent service

Attention: personalized for every client case

 Compromise: unwavering commitment to fulfill what we propose framed within ethical legal standards and values.

Social responsibility


For DMAC the support and contribution to society is an integral part of our responsibility. DMAC members are motivated to participate in organizations, and social activities that help increase the living standards others. DMAC works closely with nonprofit institutions and pro-bono cases that have a positive social impact. Among the activities carried out by DMAC in this aspect, we can highlight the following:

 Participation in the Free Legal Assistance Fair organized by the Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE) called “Lex-UNIBE”, focused on aiding socioeconomic vulnerable beneficiaries. Institutionalizing reuse and recycling best practices. Cleaning of beaches and coasts of the City of Santo Domingo.