Practice Areas


DMAC has experience in the structuration, review and risk distribution analysis in PPP projects of public infrastructure, and concession structures, as well as in the preparation and legal assistance in public and private initiatives.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

DMAC´s partners have extensive experience in arbitration, having been selected as arbitrators on several occasions. Likewise, DMAC has served as mediator in various business conflicts. Also, DMAC´s main assistance focuses on resolving its client´s conflicts in the most effective way possible, always considering the continuity of its business.


DMAC has a continuous practice in the are of public procurement that involves assistance from the selection profess of the contractor by the Public Administration in the bidding procedure to claims for compensable events and application of the economic balance principle during the execution of the contract.


DMAC has advised administrative institutions and individuals in all administrative matters. DMAC successfully defended the administrative institution in the first litigation case in the Dominican Republic on unfair trade practices and safeguard measures. Likewise, has successfully handled the defense of several clients in the administrative jurisdiction.


DMAC has provided legal assistance to business for the implementation of airport services and to public entities and individuals in aeronautical regulation.


DMAC has provided legal assistance to national and international financial intermediation institutions. Likewise, has assisted financial intermediation institutions in adapting to different legal regulations and in acquisitions, mergers, and credit transfer projects.


In the corporate sphere, DMAC has provided legal services to different national companies in the acquisition of various businesses and in the due diligence process. Has also assisted in the planning and selection of the best corporate structure in different jurisdictions for investments, as well as the implementation of corporate governance best practices.

DMAC provides services for the incorporation of legal vehicles of different natures, among which are companies, Trusts, and Private Interest Foundations. Likewise, DMAC assists its clients in all the legal implications related to company reorganizations.


DMAC has designed various tax and estate planning structures with the goal of complying with tax regulations while reducing tax cost. Likewise, has experience in asset protection structures.


DMAC has extensive experience in everything related to inheritance, donations and determination of heirs that includes real estate assets, as well as providing assistance to numerous clients and companies in the execution of real estate projects, purchases and sales of real state.


DMAC represents several companies in everything related to legal advice from the beginning of the employment relationship until its conclusion, to always comply with labor laws in the Dominican Republic. Likewise, has experience in the instrumentation of labor contracts and it represents the interests of companies in any labor conflict before courts or labor authorities.


for DMAC it is important to support entrepreneurship and the startup ecosystem in the Dominican Republic and Latin America, which is why it has a strategic alliance with Enlaces – Entrepreneurship Network, to provide professional and high-level legal services from the beginning of high-potential entrepreneurship, focusing on the corporate structure and good governance, asset protection, due diligence, intellectual property, term sheet for investment, with the aim that the enterprise can receive investments.


DMAC has experience in contractual aspects of project finance, leasing factoring, restructuration and securitization.


DMAC has provided legal services to companies that have begun to work as Fintechs in the Dominican Republic, assisting them in the elaboration of documents that will be used in the operation and negotiation with clients and local entities.

Foreign Investment

DMAC offers general advice to its clients in relation to all aspects related to foreign investment in the country, emphasizing the current regulatory framework in the Dominican Republic, so that the investment or business is protected. The main aspects in this planning stage includes the legal vehicle to be used, tax regime, real state acquisition, labor aspects and special investment incentive regimes, foreign investment registration, among other aspects.


DMAC provides its clients with assistance and legal representation in conflicts that arise before the different jurisdictions that make up our judicial system, having a high success rate to date. Our practice is focused on the administrative, civil, commercial, labor, insurance and constitutional areas. Also, DMAC takes into consideration the forecast of future conflicts that may trigger litigation, to establish mechanisms that reduce the risk of litigation.


DMAC has extensive experience in the telecommunications sector, having served as a contractor consultant for one of the most important telecommunications companies in the country. Likewise, has experience in advising telecommunications companies on the necessary regulatory requirements to operate in the Dominican Republic, as well as on local and international mergers. Also, DMAC offers its services in all other regulatory matters applicable to this matter, as well as in the regulation of new technologies.


DMAC has vas experience in procedures for the execution of obligations and guarantees, in its different modalities: real state, pledge, in the person of the debtor, in nature, as well as conservatory, withholding and real estate seizures. In this sense, it has reached the highest recovery and effectiveness indexes for local and international financial intermediation entities.