Main Practices Areas

Administrative Law and Regulatory

DMAC has extensive experience representing clients and administrative institutions in Administrative Law and Regulatory Procedures.  Successfully representing the administrative regulator, in the first litigation case in the Dominican Republic in unfair trade practices, and safeguards measures. In addition, the firm has successfully handled multiple disputes in administrative jurisdiction.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

DMAC founding partners have wide experience in arbitration, having been selected as arbitrators in several cases. DMAC has also served as mediator in various business disputes. DMAC focuses on solving client disputes in the most effective way, always taking into account the continuity of the business and best legal results.

Banking and Financial Projects

DMAC has experience in banking, prominently mainly in drafting loan complex agreements, project finance, leasing, factoring, and securitization. DMAC has provided services to national and international financial institutions. Likewise, the firm has assisted financial institutions in the adjustment to the different legal framework, specifically in new Corporate Law.

Corporate – M&A

DMAC has assisted national corporations in the acquisition of business and due diligence. The firm has contributed to the planning and selection of the best corporate structure in different jurisdictions for a variety of investments, as well as the implementation of best practices of corporate governance.

DMAC advised on the most suitable vehicle, corporate or non-corporate, taking into account the clients business and specific needs. Some of the corporate vehicles are corporations, Trust, Private Foundations. DMAC also assists clients in corporate reorganization.

Taxation – Estate Planning – Asset Protection

DMAC has designed estate and tax structures with the objective of complying with current fiscal legal framework, as well as reducing fiscal costs. The Firm also has experience in planning and designing asset protection structures.

Foreign Investment

DMAC offers assistance in all legal processes and strategic implications of investment in the Dominican Republic, with a strong emphasis in the regulatory framework, so that the business is well protected. Our services in foreign investment also include, but are not limited to, tax regulations, property acquisition, labor matters, incentives to investments, registration, and other matters.

Tourist Investment / Real Estate

DMAC has provided legal assistance to corporations for the development of real estate projects in the Dominican Republic, including property acquisition, regulatory licensing, and tax exemptions. DMAC also has extensive experience in real estate planning and inheritance.

Labor Law and Employment

DMAC represents corporations in all labor matters and relationships, starting with the drafting agreement of their employees up to the termination of the labor relationship, in order to fulfill the entire labor framework of the Dominican Republic. DMAC also has vast experience in negotiating and drafting labor agreements for directors and executives. DMAC represents the interest of their clients, including litigation and representation before labor authorities.


DMAC has represented several clients, having until now a high succeed rate. Our main practice focuses in administrative, civil, commercial labor, insurance and constitutional litigation. DMAC always try to prevent future disputes that could arise in litigation, in order to create mechanism that reduces that risk.


DMAC gives migration assistance in accordance to the Dominican Republic legal framework, such as business and work visas, legal residence applications and representation before government authorities.

Intellectual Property and Copyright – Advertising

DMAC has an ongoing practice, since the firm represent corporations relating the proper use of IP materials in the advertising industry. Our services include IP registration and copyright materials, negotiation of license agreements, franchising, technology transfer, as well other related services to copyright law, such as trade secrets, antitrust law, know-how, and intellectual property rights for radio and cable transmission, among others transmission rights.

Telecommunications – New Technologies

DMAC has wide knowledge in the telecommunication industry, having served as counsellor of one of the most important telecommunication companies in the Dominican Republic. DMAC also advises telecommunications companies in the regulatory environment require to operate in the Dominican Republic, which includes M&A requirements.

DMAC also assists clients in legal and regulatory matters concerning the telecommunication sector and new technologies.


DMAC has wide experience executing procedures of obligations and guarantees, in its different modalities: foreclosure, real estate, and pledge processes, as well as retentive and real estate procedures. In that sense, it has reached the highest rates of recovery and effectiveness for local and international financial intermediation entities.

Free Zone

DMAC offers legal and continue assistance in the incorporation and legal aspects of the industrial free zone park, special free zone, and exportation free zone in the Dominican Republic. Our assistance includes permits and licensing, and incorporation processes of an industrial park and free zones.